Nutbrown R50/06

Nutbrown is both our longest term and our oldest resident.

He first came to us in June 2006 with his sisters Marigold and Tulip. They were an accidental litter produced after their mother, who was a rex, escaped and did what rabbits are notorious for with an undoubtedly handsome wild rabbit.

sisters his andNutbrown
Nutbrown, Tulip and Marigold

Their half wild heritage meant that we saw very little of Nutbrown and his sisters for the first six or so years they were here. As soon as they heard footsteps they vanished. Handling them was like trying to hold onto a contortionist. They would just about turn themselves inside out trying to twist out of my hands. Luckily they were very healthy and as they were so active they wore their claws down themselves. The only time one of them had to be handled much was when Tulip got herself beaten up after digging into somebunelse’s enclosure. She had some very nasty wounds and needed antibiotics for a week or so. I am not sure which of us found that harder! By the time they were six they would stay visible when I was around as they had come to trust my system of only ever handling the rabbits before letting them out in the morning. This makes catching them much easier. I put the food in the hutch, they jump in, I shut the door. This way we are all hay. They get  their food and I don’t have to chase them). By the time they were eight they would stay visible for other people too. By ten not much flustered them at all. Now Nutbrown is nearly twelve and has outlived his sisters. He is totally blind and rather stiff. I don’t think he notices people anymore unless he literally bumps into them on his way to have a dig in his burr or to forage for fallen leaves in his run. He has lived with the group of rexes for about a year now, casually assuming that he gets first dibs on the best veg even though they are much younger and stronger than he is. Even Summer who recently joined the group after her long-term much henpecked partner died gave up pouncing on the veg after he told her off for her food agression. Dachs is the other member of the group. Sadly both Florence and Bambi died recently and Nutbrown is really missing them.

Nutbrown and Bambi
Bunny heap consisting of Nutbrown, Dachs, Florence and Bambi