Oak R118/08


Oak is an agouti buck. He came to us in November 2008 with the rest of his littermates. They were too young to leave their mother but they all had diarrhea and one of them had prolapsed her rectum. Their owners were not prepared to take them to a vet. Despite weeks of trying we were not able to save the one with the first prolapse. Bonnie also prolapsed a few days after arriving, but because it was dealt with immediately permanent damage was not done. The litter was treated for coccidiosis and for pin worms and we got their diarrhea under control. The one with the prolapse, Tara, had an operation to stitch it back in, but it came out again anyway and she lost all control of the muscles in it and had to be pts:(

The other babies grew up healthy and Oak and Bonnie were rehomed together. They were returned when the son lost interest despite the parents saying when they adopted them that they understood that the rabbits needed to be for the whole family. No matter how careful you are some people will say whatever they think you want to hear and not mean a bit of it. This case contributed to my decision not to rehome anymore. Sadly Bonnie died in 2011 after being vaccinated from an adverse reaction. Now Oak lives with Anemone in one of the enclosures.