Basil R130/08

Basil or Oliver as he was known before we rehomed him (because he looked just like a little doe called Olive) is a little English marked buck who first came to us on New Year’s Eve 2008 after he was found in a park in Birmingham in freezing weather. He was fully grown then so we estimate that he was born in 2007. We found him a good home, but when his partner died his person felt she needed to return him to us as she was finding rabbits and their problems too stressful and didn’t want to take on a new companion for him. Rabbits are not easy creatures to keep healthy, and when he returned he had a big abscess on his nose where something had biten him and he had regularly suffered from bouts of stasis, although he hasn’t had much of that here. Our feeding regime and care practices tend to prevent it for the most part. Strangely enough he was returned on New Year’s Eve, this time 2011. He proved somewhat difficult to rebond. He and Plum appeared to be getting along well but then had a fight. Then I tried him with Valleri and Bo. He and Bo fought and so he lived with just Valleri until she died in July 2013. He was not very nice to her:( But then neither was Bo. He was next bonded with Campanula who had him firmly under her paw, much to his surprise. She was not one to take any nonsense, or at least she wasn’t until she became unwell. She came down with head tilt and is sadly no longer with us. Basil was surprisingly sweet with her at the end, giving her lots of kisses, although the balance of power had shifted and he was the boss at the end which made rebonding him difficult as he again was under the false impression that he was king of the universe, but after a few failures he is living with Rose, who clarified the situation for him in no uncertain terms. He is rather stiff these days and has had a hernia for several years that limits his ability to jump but he still enjoys life bumbling around in his enclosure even during the snowy weather in December 2017. Snowbunnies.