Mayfly R17/10


Mayfly is a very fluffy black lionhead doe. She came to us in May 2010 when she was a year old because her owner was having problems and wasn’t looking after her. She was a dreadful matted mess and was thin and frightened. I had to cut the matts off and shave her bottom. She is still nervous of people but is happy living with Poplar and Birch in one of our sheds. She has become rather fat which I can’t do anything about as both Polar and Birch are on the thin side so she needs a close eye kept on her bottom as it is prone to get mucky as her belly gets in the way of her cleaning it herself. I keep it well trimmed so the mess has nothing to stick to. It is very important to keep rabbits clean and dry due to risk of flystrike. The rest of her coat needs a lot of attention too.