Zion R15/14


Zion is a small black lionhead buck with a white snip on his nose. He came to us in November 2014 with his sister Angel, and another pair, after having waited for a place since February, when we were only able to take the single rabbits, Skye and Bambi from her owner whose circumstances had changed drasticly meaning she could no longer look after all her animals. Zion was born in 2007ish. He is a quiet but active little rabbit. Angel is his sister.I

I once put another rabbit in with them thinking they would be good group rabbits. Ha! Poor Chestnut went in thinking that he was a fierce dominant rabbit. He did everything a dominant rabbit is supposed to do. He charged them, they calmly stepped aside and kept doing whatever they had been doing. He demanded that they groom him. They groomed each other. He claimed the food first, they picked it up and moved it. He didn’t stand a chance. They are quick lively little uppy eared rabbits who can talk to one another with their ears while he is a deaf mute lop who they didn’t even deign to speak to and who somehow found that he became the one one running away all the time. I eventually felt sorry for him and found him a better match, but he not been his old bossy self since. They never once physically hurt him, it was all psychological warfare. I have left them on their own since as I don’t want to put another rabbit through that.