Clyde R14/17


Clyde is a magnificent continental giant buck born in 2017 with a lovely silver agouti coat. Sadly he has sore feet and a heart condition and gets extremely out of breath after any stress or exertion. This means it is extremely important to keep him on soft bedding as he doesn’t cope well with having his feet attended to and I am petrified of giving him a heart attack by trying to handle him. We have built him a tent over his run so that he can have the space but it can stay dry and be bedded thickly to protect his feet. Hopefully this will enable us to manage him we into the future minimising the stress we need to put him through. He has been less breathless lately probably due to the fact that cold weather is easy for him than heat, but it may also be that he is getting fitter from having the opportunity for lots of movement. I hope so anyway. It would be heart breaking to lose a young rabbit to a disease that ought only to appear in an old animal. But sadly giant rabbits are very prone to heart problems as their chest cavities are not large enough to supply their over sized bodies’ needs. Yet another example of inbreeding for a trait desired by humans to the animals detriment:(The

Clyde lives with his sister Big Bonnie in their big shed and covered run and mobs people who venture to open the door or gate. They are very very very friendly and also very keen to get out and explore the rest of the Sanctuary garden. It can be quite challenging trying to clean them out of even just refill their water bowl. But at least they are not grumpy like Neptune our last Continental Giant. He was challenging in a completely different way.