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Category: Guinea Pigs

Those guinea pigs currently in our care

Dusty GP3/17

Dusty is a gorgeous silver agouti female guinea pig born in about 2013. She arrived in May 2017 with her friend Carmel. They now love living in Sowcester. Dusty appointed herself Mayoress over Zach’s head.

Carmel GP2/17

Carmel is a lovely caramel coloured female guinea pig who came to us in May 2017 when her owner was unable to look after her and her friend Dusty anymore. She was born in about 2013.

Erin GP1/17

Erin is a chocolate and white small female guinea pig born in April 2013. One of the most terrified little piggies I ever met. She really panicked when I first handled her, but has calmed down considerably since. She arrived here in Jan 2017 and lives in one of our villages where she enjoys the community life.

Felicity GP10/14

Felicity is a ginger and white Abyssinian cross female guinea pig. She was born in 2013. She came to us in 2014 as her owner had badly broken her leg and was in hospital, in a box with three other females and a young male so she might have been pregnant but wasn’t although one of the others was. She now lives with Gordon and the other females she arrived with in one of the villages.

Xenia GP6/13

Xenia is a black Abbyssinian female guinea pig born in 2013. She came to us when her owners could not cope with her partner’s health issues. She lives in Sowcester one of our guinea pig villages, in Zach’s harem. She is currently our longest term guinea pig resident.