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Tag: eye problems

Alvin R5/12

Alvin is a shiny black lop buck who we first got to know in 2007 when he took Pearl home to be his lovbun. After Pearl sadly passed on in 2010 he came back and took Holly home with him. When Holly became very unwell she came back to us for medical care and Alvin accompanied her. They came all the way down from Scotland because Holly needed to be here. Alvin is quite a character. His face is unbeleivably expressive, and he has fixed ideas about how the world… Read more Alvin R5/12

Myra R59/09

Myra was an English marked lionhead doe with a flaming temper. She came to us in June 2009, but it was not our first encounter with her. We rehomed a buck to live with her in 2008, and she bit the homechecker. Her owners moved and did not want to take her with them. Considering her temperament I am not surprised. When she got here she was bullying the little buck we had bonded to her so we separated them and found him a much nicer companion. Her we found… Read more Myra R59/09