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Rose R104/09

Rose is a blue grey lionlop doe who was about two when she came to us in October 2009. She was  part of a group of 14 who were given to us because of her owners mental health trouble. The group included Old Bonnie, who of course wasn’t Old then. They were the last rabbits that we took in with the intention of rehoming. She had had a litter but the owner wouldn’t let her babies come to us as they were so pretty. I dread to think of the… Read more Rose R104/09

Basil R130/08

Basil or Oliver as he was known before we rehomed him (because he looked just like a little doe called Olive) is a little English marked buck who first came to us on New Year’s Eve 2008 after he was found in a park in Birmingham in freezing weather. He was fully grown then so we estimate that he was born in 2007. We found him a good home, but when his partner died his person felt she needed to return him to us as she was finding rabbits and… Read more Basil R130/08

Poplar R125/08

Poplar is a black and white Dutch cross buck who came to us at just under a year old in December 2008 at the request of another rescue that was trying to close. He and his brother Humbug were fighting badly and so had each been confined to half a three foot hutch. His brother had nearly castrated him and the wound was infected. When the vet finished the job he bled badly and had to become intimate with a bag of frozen peas. It took six weeks and another… Read more Poplar R125/08

Oak R118/08

Oak is an agouti buck. He came to us in November 2008 with the rest of his littermates. They were too young to leave their mother but they all had diarrhea and one of them had prolapsed her rectum. Their owners were not prepared to take them to a vet. Despite weeks of trying we were not able to save the one with the first prolapse. Bonnie also prolapsed a few days after arriving, but because it was dealt with immediately permanent damage was not done. The litter was treated… Read more Oak R118/08

Spark R103/08

Spark was an agouti lop buck born in August 2008 who came to us in October 2008 as part of an accidental litter. He was rehomed in May 2009 but returned in August 2013 when his family moved to a house with a fox infested garden. He lived with Old Bonnie in one of the enclosures. He was a bit of grump and recently bit me. He had the inevitable ear problems that come with being a lop, abscesses and a paralysed face from pressure on the nerve but coped… Read more Spark R103/08

Severn R26/08

Severn is a harlequin dwarf lop buck. He came to us at just four days old with his mother, father and the rest of the accidental litter he was part of in March 2008. The whole litter was named after rivers after one of them weeed all over a visitor. He was rehomed to live with Sapphire when her sister (from another accidental litter that we took in in 2007) died in 2008 and then was returned with her when their people could no longer manage the recurrent bouts of… Read more Severn R26/08